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Sunpro Solar – The Leading Solar Panel Company in Brisbane

Sun Pro Solar is Australia’s trusted provider of solar panel system to the commercial and residential sectors in Brisbane. Our professional and experienced team also extends the installation service in other cities of Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. Having delivered a number of solar panel projects successfully, our team of CEC installers, designers and engineers take pride in providing sustainable business practices, expert knowledge, cutting-edge technology, friendly and long-lasting customer service as well as highest quality workmanship.

With the soaring electricity rates, the next few years are going to observe a number of commercial and residential sectors turning towards solar power. After all, gradually people are realizing the potential of smart solar power and solar storage in reducing their power bills as well as their carbon footprint.


What keeps us at the forefront of the industry

Technical Innovation

We believe in delivering the best outcome for you. Hence, we constantly make efforts to stay abreast of the latest advancements happening in the technological world. As the renewable energy and energy storage are in the phase of constant innovation, we assure that our solutions are most efficient and of the highest quality.

Customer Focus

We are backed by an experienced and friendly team who aims at exceeding your expectations at every stage of the designing and installation process of the solar power system. For us, customer satisfaction is of the highest priority, and we take decisions purely keeping them in mind.


We believe in creating sustainable solutions, that is why our solutions will lead you towards reducing the environmental footprints in the best way possible. Installing our quality solar systems are bound to assist you in contributing your bit towards the environment.


Systematic Process in Installation

We evaluate your options after an initial consultation

The first step involves having an initial consultation with you where we personally visit your property to inspect and find out your specific electricity needs.

We understand that every home has its unique lifestyle and energy needs. Once we figure out your energy usage, we work out the best possible options for you.

Our proficient team will work with you at your convenience whilst explaining to you all the available financial rebates and incentives. Here, we even discuss the system design and the aesthetics of the final solar panel system.

We provide you with a stress-free installation process

Once you have found the perfect solar panel system that matches your needs thoroughly, we take a step further towards the installation process. Here, we take care of the planning, permitting and installing – i.e. from start to end. Meanwhile, we will keep you updated with the advancements. In short, with our expert team by your side, your solar panel installation process will turn out to be a hassle-free affair.

This is not it. We are there with you even post installation process by explaining you the various components and their functionality. It’s time to sit back and relax while observing your energy bills getting reduced significantly.


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