Save more with our 6.6kW Solar System

Power you home by installing Energy-friendly 6.6kw solar system price

With the increasing energy costs, our 6.6kw solar system price will come handy in becoming a popular investment of today for your home. If you are inclined towards making this wise investment of solar panels in Gold Coast and other parts of Queensland, Victoria or New South Wales, look no further than Sunpro Solar.

We are an Australian-owned company providing renewable energy solutions for commercial and residential properties. Our expert and experienced team will ensure you select the right system for your home or business that will further assist you in saving money while maximising the potential energy generation.


Why Go Solar

Save on Energy with 6.6kw Solar System Price

Our 6.6kw solar systems price starts from as low as $2999, with world’s best established panels and inverters manufacturers

Increasing Property Value

Properties that are equipped with solar panels have higher property values and even sell more quickly than non-solar homes. They make your property more attractive to savvy home buyers.

Saving Environment

Consider the solar system installation and it will help you generate free electricity from the sun. This means, you are helping nature to combat greenhouse gas emissions.

Protecting your Roof

Installing solar panels can protect your roof from changing weather conditions! It can help you save roof repair expenses while making it last longer than usual.

We make your property Energy Efficient

Our CEC accredited installing team are industry experts who will follow a systematic approach in helping you with solar panel installation in Brisbane and the whole of Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. We never believe in the one-size-fits-all theory. That is why; we personally visit your site, where you are planning to install the solar panel.

Depending on your needs and the site requirements, we will further help you in making an informed decision regarding solar panels. You can rest assured that we have all types of solar power systems so, no matter what your energy requirements are; we have you covered. Our expert installation team will proceed further with the installation process while enabling you with a peace of mind that only the top-grade solar panels have been used.

6 Reasons To Go with Sunpro Solar

Experienced Installers

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Quick Response

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Long Warranties

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Industry Leading Support

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If you are looking for solar system installation in Brisbane and the other cities of Queensland, Victoria or New South Wales, you know your pick. Make an informed decision only with our industry experts. Get in touch with our team for an initial consultation at 1800 951 775 and take a step further towards an eco-friendly world.

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