When to Service Your Solar Power System to Improve its Lifespan?

When solar power systems are installed in your house, you don’t have to worry about their servicing for at least several years. But in some cases, owners have to seek a service request for solar panels.

If it is not properly serviced in time, you will notice a massive degradation in energy production and efficiency. Thus, proper servicing helps in increasing and maximizing the life span of solar panels. So, we have enlisted a few ways that will help you in understanding when to service your solar power system to enhance its longevity.

1. Malfunctioning of your solar power system

The most significant time to instantaneously service your solar power system is when you notice that it has entirely stopped functioning.  Sadly, many solar power system owners fail to realize whether their system has stopped working or not until they receive the monthly electricity bill.

Thus, it is the obvious time when you should call a professional agency. Professional agencies use relevant software to inform you when the system stopped producing Solar Power System.

2. Presence of earth faults in the system

If you detect earth faults, which is extremely dangerous, you must instantly call for service people to fix things. Sometimes earth faults go undetected, posing potential life-threats for people who come in contact with them. Thus, call for service experts as soon as possible before it harms anyone.

3. Incorrect amount of power generation

As you invested a bulk amount of money in installing the solar system on your rooftop, you must make sure that it is producing enough energy to fulfill your requirements. But sometimes, they don’t meet expectations due to some obstructions over the panels or even component failure.

Problems like a large piece of debris that fell and damaged one of the panels, or dust buildup over the solar screen, or shadow formation due to some obstruction are the basic ones, which can be fixed once identified. Thus, it is best to call for the service people to get proper fixing of your solar panels. They can also detect the underperformance of the system or other issues, if any.

4. Inverter ceased functioning

Solar panels are appliances that have no moving parts and are expected to survive for more than 20 years. But in the solar panel system, there is another crucial component, which is the inverter. The inverter is the primary heart of the solar PV systems, and they are mainly used for converting the DC electricity generated from solar panels into AC electricity needed to power your appliances. Depending on brands, inverters may last up to a maximum of 10 years.

So, if you notice that your solar inverter has suddenly stopped working, then hire any reckoned service agent to detect if the problem can be fixed or it needs to be replaced before it creates a real headache for you.

5. Drop in production of the solar panels before the warranty period

Many times, solar panels sustain up to a maximum of 25 years, as promised by the manufacturers. But it may lead to dropping in energy production before these 25 years or the warranty period. And it is difficult to detect the exact problems of solar panels for normal people.

In such cases, service professionals are needed to trace the issue aptly. They will guide you on visualizing the exact problems of the panels and approach the manufacturers to get a replacement of the panels.

6. When you need to power more appliances of your home

As with the increase in electrical appliances and the number of family members at your home, the electricity consumption pattern increases. In such a condition, you might think of adding a new solar panel, but that isn’t recommended without proper consultation.

First, you need to consult with the service providers of Solar Power System in Brisbane, who will assess the energy consumption and tell if you need extra panels or use what you’ve already got.

Also, you need to ensure while installation of the solar panels, they must be placed in a location that is far away from things that can cause physical damage. It is so because physical damages will destroy your solar systems.


So, these were a few ways, which helps in notifying you if the solar power system needs servicing. You can also seek help from Sunpro Solar to get the finest services from expert professionals. They provide well-skilled workers at a low price, rendering prompt and proper servicing of your solar panels.

How often should you service your solar panels?

Most manufacturers recommend cleaning your panels at least twice a year, which can result in a 3-5% increase in efficiency. On top of that, we at Omega Solar + Batteries recommend you service your solar system every 2 years

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