Top 10 Solar Inverters you can buy right now!

Due to the immense amount of options available in the market, it is normal for a new buyer to get confused. All sorts of inverters ranging in sizes, shapes, and, most notably, in prices make choosing a hefty task for a consumer. But today, we are here to make it easy for you.

Today we will tell you about the Top 10 Solar Inverters you can buy right now in 2021 for your residential solar system.

Types of Solar Inverters

To make it easy for both of us, let’s clear up the types of solar inverters first before moving to our list of Top 10 Solar Inverters.

1.    String Inverters – These are the ones that you will find fitted in most Australian households. This is the most popular type of inverter for residential solar systems in Australia. Calling them string inverters is because all the solar panels are connected to a single inverter through a string. So the whole system depends on one unit, and this will cause the entire system to shut down!

2.    Micro Inverters – Another popular type of solar inverter are Micro Inverters. These are small boxes of the size of a paperback book, which are connected individually to each solar panel. Hence if you have ten solar panels on your roof, you must have 10 Microinverters behind them to make your system work.

These inverters are most commonly used in North America because they can be individually adjusted to our liking. Due to the lack of sunlight and shade in North America, these inverters be helpful as they all are individually adapted to squeeze out maximum energy from their panels.

3.    Central Inverters – These are the big guns for solar power because they are built for business! These solar inverters are designed to convert hundreds of kilowatts or even megawatts of energy to AC. These inverters are large and are meant for commercial use only. You won’t find them in many Australian households (unless they need quite some energy).

4.    Hybrid Inverters – A Hybrid Inverter, as the name suggests, is a hybrid or combination of a solar inverter and a battery inverter. [Battery Inverters are inverters that can convert the solar energy to be stored in the battery through a DC Coupling technique. They are a must-have if you are planning an off-grid system] The Popularity of Hybrid Inverters are increasing rapidly because of the value they offer. These inverters will grow more as the batteries become more popular and cheaper.

If you are planning to get an off the solar grid system in the future, then you must opt for hybrid inverters as they will be the perfect choice for you. This is because they will function as standard inverters which will convert solar energy and pass it to the grid, but they will also store that energy in your battery when you get one in the future.

How We Rank the Top 10 Solar Inverters?

We thought it must be essential for you to know the factors through which we curated our list of the Top 10 Solar Inverters, which factors were considered as most important and which were not.

The Factors which affected the ranking most are –

  • Brand Value – We considered brand value as the foremost thing in our ranking. We believe that the reliability of products can be estimated by seeing the brand reputation in the market. Solar Inverters are the most affected equipment in the whole solar system, and it is most likely to fail first in the lot. Hence choosing a reliable brand is a wise decision to avoid problems in the future.
  • Warranty – The next significant factor which affected the ranking is the warranty period offered on each product by the brands. All ‘reputable’ brands provide 5 to 10-year warranty as standard with their products, but only a few of them make it accessible to the end consumer. Some brands will only replace/repair your product if you can handle the shipment charges of sending and receiving the product yourself (which can cost up to $200). Only a few brands like Fronius & Solar Edge replaces your inverters in 3 to 5 business days in case of a problem.
  • Monitoring – Getting a solar system solves only 70% of the problem, and the rest is solved by Monitoring. The Monitoring of your solar panels carries utmost importance as it will tell you if your investment is working as you planned. Monitoring can also help you out in the maintenance of your panels.
  • So we thought your inverter must have a monitoring system that is good enough to do the trick.
  • Customer Service – What’s the point of getting an inverter from a company which will not last in Australia till its life? After-sales support is equally important to consider while buying an inverter because the company should stand behind you whenever you need them. We have considered this in our ranking.

What we have not considered in our rankings is the price of the inverters. You should think of the inverters as equally if not more important than your solar panels as they are the ones on which the whole system depends. While getting a cheaper inverter for $700 must seem tempting when a decent one costs $1500 but trust us, it’s not worth it. It is because the cheaper one will cost you more in the long run as it would require frequent repairs, which will add to its overall cost, and the time and energy which you will waste on them is an added problem.

Just remember one thing in solar “The cheaper alternatives will always cost you more in the long run than the expensive ones.

Top 10 Solar Inverters in the Market

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for, the top 10 solar inverters in the market.

#10. Zeversolar Inverter

If you are looking for an inexpensive inverter (which we don’t recommend) for your residential solar system, then Zeversolar can be your go-to solution. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has grown its market base in China, Europe and Australian markets. The Zeversolar is 99% owned by SMA Group, a premium solar brand which we will talk about later in the list. Zeversolar inverters come with a standard five years warranty, and you can expand it to 10 years if you’re willing to pay the extra money.

#09. ABB Inverter

Founded in Switzerland in 1988, ABB Group is an old name in the solar market. Still, the company was unsuccessful in making a mark, as well as its competitors, did.

But since Fimer acquired it, their reputation got back as they designed some outstanding products such as the UNO-TL. It is now recognized as one of the largest manufacturers, with over 100,000 employees working in various countries.

If you’re considering going with ABB, you must check out their UNO series as it has many features in it, such as an integrated LCD screen.

#08. DELTA Inverter

Delta is a new brand introduced in Australia by the multibillion-dollar power generating Delta Electronics Group. They are mainly known for their electrical power production in foreign countries, now they are trying their hand at solar inverters, and it would be interesting to see how they turn out.

For a start, their inverters look fine as they pack many features like their competitors ranging from DC Isolator to multi-panel use. The company claim that their inverters will have a max efficiency of 98%, which is great compared to their alternatives available in the market.

#07. Solar Power Inverters

Solar Power is a Chinese Solar Giant which manufactures all kinds of solar products like panels, cells and inverters for the Chinese Market. It recently jumped into the Australian market with its X-Hybrid, one of the most affordable battery ready solar inverters available in the market. SolaX majorly focuses on research and Development and donates the majority of its finances to the R&D Sector. You can see them as an economical option which is reliable enough. The X1 Range of inverters rolling right now is something you should consider while picking SolaX for your residence.

#06. GoodWe Inverter

GoodWe is another Chinese manufacturer trying to capture the Australian market with its solar products. Established in 2010, GoodWe has had some great feedback from their customers so far. It is also an affordable brand that will last you enough they you won’t regret your purchase. By partnering with Global Electronics, GoodWe is soon shifting towards producing premium inverters for their customers.

#05. Huawei Inverter

The Chinese tech giant Huawei has recently turned into the growing solar market in Australia with its new solar inverters. The company is relatively new in the market when compared to its alternatives. Still, due to the immense growth in the tech sector, it has large sums of money invested in their research and development teams bringing in many innovative products as the SUN2000L.

Huawei is doing a great job at making solar products for the Australian market, but it is yet to gain experience.

#04. SMA Inverters

SMA Solar technologies are regarded as one of the best string inverter manufacturer in the Australian market. Coming from Germany, they have a proven track record of reliability in their products. SMA is generally linked with quality as they only manufacture premium inverters for their customers. Their Customer services are in a match with the prices of their products, which is premium. They will never let you feel that you have made the wrong choice going with them. Be it the Warranty, Replacements, Tech support; everything is top-notch in SMA. SMA manufactures all its products in Germany, but they do have local offices for customer service support in Australia. SMA provides an optional 10 & 20 years of warranty which shows their trust in their products.

#03. Sun Grow Inverters

They were established in 1997. Sun Grow is one of the largest manufacturers of solar inverters globally. It is also a leading Chinese Supplier of solar products.

Sun Grow is much popular in solar installers due to various reasons as competitive pricing and a proven reliability record. Sun Grow is an international player and has an excellent brand reputation for its unmatched quality and exceptional customer service. Sun Grow also manufactures hybrid solar inverters in addition to their residential options. Their premium hybrid inverters like the SH5K-20 has become very popular among households going for an off the grid system, and the company has received excellent feedback from them.

#02. Solar Edge Inverter

Over the years, Solar Edge has become increasingly popular among solar installations across the world. This is because of the unique designs of their inverters equipped with DC Optimizers which gives the freedom of individual solar panel optimization and control. The optimizers are a unique selling point in Solar Edge which you won’t find in its alternatives. Other than that, they are also reliable and has a proven track record. The customer service is also Top Notch with this brand.

#01. Fronius Inverter

There is a famous saying in the solar market from recent years that “If you want to play safe, Buy Fronius” Unlike its competitors, Fronius is an all Australian Manufacturer of Solar Inverters and is the go-to choice for many domestic and commercial solar installations. Because of the proven performance and reliability of the Fronius Inverters, adding to that is their excellent customer support which all points to one thing that they are made to last. Their Innovative Snap-in Design is a Unique Selling Point that you won’t found in its alternatives.


Here is the list of the Top 10 Solar Inverters, which will hopefully help you make the right choice while buying an inverter. We also educated you about the types of inverters available to make sure you know what you are buying. If you are still confused about which inverter to buy, you can contact us, and we will help you pick the suitable inverter following your budget and needs.

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