Solar Panel System – Your Ultimate Way to Reduce Bills

Are you of the misconception that solar panels are just limited to the people with expensive houses and large roofs? Well, the reality is that a number of homes are suitable for the solar panel installation. And, not only homes, all types of commercial buildings should now consider opting for this renewable energy, pertaining to the escalated electricity bills.

Sun Pro Solar is a renowned name in the industry, offering quality solar power solutions in Brisbane as well as the surrounding areas of Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. We supply and install the solar panel system according to the respective needs of your residential or commercial property. Having an enriched experience in the industry, we provide you with the assurance of exceptional deals on solar power systems in Brisbane and other suburbs.


We are Backed by Industry Experts


Sun Pro Solar is continually driven to supply the best and high-quality products at affordable rates. Our solutions guarantee you a significant saving on huge electricity bills while increasing the value of your property. Our proficiency lies in understanding your individual needs, providing you with a clear working of the solar panel system, guiding you with the right selection and assisting you with the thorough installation work.

Our initial consultation itself gives you a complete idea on how solar works and to what extent they can help you save on the electricity bills. This, in turn, helps us to make an informed decision.

With us, you can expect:

  • The highest level of professional service for both: before and after sales
  • Friendly and highly proficient CEC accredited installing team
  • Best-quality components only from reputable brands
  • Solutions that are backed with a 25-year warranty
  • Benefits of government rebates and incentives for solar power subsidies
  • Customer-centric solutions that are personalized according to your requirements


From Design to Installation – We Assist You Thoroughly While Letting You Make An Informed Decision

Having served various residential and commercial sectors for years, you can count on our expertise to design and deliver the perfect solar system solution for any type of property – be it a small residential solar system or a large commercial solar system.

Whether it is a totally new designing and installing process or it is simply about servicing your existing system, we have you covered. We can recommend you the best products that will truly complement your energy consumption needs while reducing the energy bills.

We keep you updated with the changes in our packages, discounts and special offers in addition to the latest news on government rebates, advancements in the working of the solar system or anything that you need to be aware of. So, stay connected with us to ensure you are not missing out on the important stuff.

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