5 Most Common Commercial Solar Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Solar Installation Mistakes:

As electricity prices are on the rise, there is no better way to save money than investing in solar panels. When it is about reducing energy bills, solar panels are the best way to save bucks. However, they will operate properly and offer energy only if they are correctly installed.

Now here comes the crucial part. Most solar panels aren’t installed correctly. It is so because, to reduce labor costs, companies use salespeople to install solar panels instead of true technicians. So, below are the 5 most common commercial solar installation Brisbane mistakes that you should avoid getting a proper power supply to your house.

1. Getting cheap solar panels installed

Everyone prefers things that are sold at a low rate, but when it is about solar panels, it is beneficial to invest in good products only. Buying cheap solar panels might initially save you some bucks, but after some time, they will make you land on a huge mountain of the additional cost. Commercial solar systems Brisbane is getting economical day by day, but it surely doesn’t mean that you will spend on the cheapest options.

It is because these cheaper options will start to make issues after a month. Many newer brands cut costs by cutting off some features that are necessary for longevity. It makes them less sustainable than their costly counterparts and reputed brands.  Moreover, cheaper brands don’t offer local support. If you notice a problem in your system, then you have to spend extra bucks in the repairing process.

2. Ignoring micro-cracks

Many times, wrong installation damages the PV panel of the solar system. Therefore, you have to check for micro-cracks to prevent quick damage to your solar panel. These cracks are minute and hard to notice. These unnoticeable cracks are generally caused due mishandling or excessive power applied against the screen of the PV panel.

Small cracks won’t make much of a difference in energy production. But on ignorance, if the cracks get larger, you will notice a significant drop in energy production level from the solar panel system. Thus, it is important to observe these micro-cracks in the panel.

3. Not inclining the solar panels adequately

Despite having a flat roof, it is required to tilt the solar panels at least 10 degrees. Any inexperienced technician might not know to perform this step properly, which will eventually lead to the malfunctioning of your solar panels. And this will hinder the power supply at your house.

So, for optimum energy production, it is advised to slant the solar panels a bit. Depending upon your geographical location, you need to determine the accurate angles for inclining the solar panels.

4. Installing panels in partial shade

When commercial solar system Brisbane is installed in partial shade, the covered panels yield some power, but they restrict the current that the rest of the un-shaded panels in the string can deliver. And, the effect expands if you have a small amount of shade on one or two panels.

You can manually check the shades by noticing it every hour when the sun moves from east to west.  But in some cases, owners cannot avoid shade. To counter that, you can utilize technological solutions like microinverters and DC optimizers that will stop one shaded panel from slowing down the entire system.

5. Not installing enough panels in a string

As solar panels are attached in a string, the voltage from each panel adds up to deliver a total voltage of the string. For instance, you have 8 panels installed at 40 volts; then the total string will be 320 volts.

Besides, you must know that solar panels lose voltage when they heat up, and a bare minimum voltage is needed to power up solar inverters. On hot days, those 8 panels will be outputting at only 275 volts. And this problem will be more prominent when the string is too short, i.e., a lesser number of panels are present in the string. Thus, hire CEC accredited solar designers that make sure your voltage is set in the right range with a sufficient number of panels.

Conclusion OF Solar Installation Mistakes:

These are a few mistakes that most people make while installation of commercial solar power systems in Brisbane. So, to avoid these commercial installation mistakes and get a proper power supply to your home, you can seek assistance from Sunpro Solar. They will provide expert installers for setting a solar panel on your rooftop at affordable costs.

Then what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Sunpro Solar if you need top-notch solar panel installation services in Brisbane. (Solar Installation Mistakes)

Which most common Solar Installation Mistakes?

Getting cheap solar panels installed
Ignoring micro-cracks
Not inclining the solar panels adequately
Installing panels in partial shade
Not installing enough panels in a string

What are three Solar Installation Mistakes?

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