Residential Solar

Switch to Residential Solar Power with Sunpro Solar

Have you decided to install the residential solar systems in Brisbane and other cities of Queensland, Victoria or New South Wales? Well, this is one of the best and smartest investments you can make today. The cost savings alone can offer a return on the price that you will pay for the residential solar panel installation. Isn’t that worth an investment?

Here, at Sun Pro Solar, our experienced and knowledgeable team has been delivering high-quality solar system solutions to various residential sectors at large. We are leading independent solar suppliers who understand that every residential property has their own individual requirements and thus, provide you with a tailor-made solar energy solution that totally complements your needs.


Custom Designs & Installation to Suit Your Property

We understand the rising energy costs and the reason behind you opting for the solar system. That is why; we make sure that you get the best returns on investment. With our high-quality solar panels that are totally customised as per your needs and requirements, you will not only experience reduced bills but also contribute to the environment.

Our end-to-end solar panel installation job includes:

  • Consultation
  • Approval
  • Installation

We first get into an initial consultation with you to find out your expectations of the solar system. We further analyse your home and design a clean energy solution accordingly. Further, the team will complete the required formalities like obtaining permits to begin the installation work. Once everything is done, our licensed installation team will do their job.

In short, we take the entire responsibility from concept to completion in a way that lets you reap the maximum benefits out of the solar panel installation in Brisbane as well as other places in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.

Reduce Your Energy Bills with Our Qualtiy Solar Solution

We would love to cater you with all your personalised needs of residential solar systems. Our team takes pride in providing you with a comprehensive range of solar panels that are guaranteed to suit your respective needs. The process is uniquely thorough and analytical as we know that a proper system sizing has an enormous effect on its working as well as customer satisfaction.

It has to be balanced – in case of more solar exposure or an improper connection type may end up in giving away some of the energy you are producing.  On the other hand, too little solar can miss out on the potential energy saving for decades. Our industry-expert team ensures that a perfect system size of the solar panel is provided to your residential property while making an accurate, realistic prediction of your energy savings.


Find Your No-Cost Solar Estimate Today

Our team at Sun Pro Solar will be glad to assist you with all your energy needs in Brisbane and other cities in Queensland, Victoria and even New South Wales. Power your home with solar energy and not only enjoy the reduction of energy costs, but at the same time, contribute a bit towards the environment. Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team at 1800 951 775 and get the estimate of the solar panel installation today.

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