Jinko Solar Panels Review

Going solar comes with an immense amount of chores like choosing the best solar brand or the best solar inverter, which needs to be performed before enjoying the sun’s power. If you are thinking to do the same, then you must have heard of the one brand called Jinko Solar.

Jinko Solar is the No.1 Manufacturer of solar panels in the world and are accepted around the globe but are they any good for the Australian market?

Should you consider Jinko Solar for your residential or commercial solar needs? In this article, we will give you a complete jinko solar panels review which will answer all your questions regarding this brand.

Origin of Jinko Solar

Founded in 2006, Jinko Solar is a Chinese solar manufacturing company that ships its products worldwide. It became the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer just after a decade of its establishment. Jinko Solar is a substantial Multinational company that employs 15000 people in 70 countries.

The company invest a lot of time in the research and development part of their products which enables them to develop revolutionary products for the market. Their products go through a series of testing before the actual shipment, which includes the performance of testing of the products, quality control and their rigorous durability testing.

This approach of the company has made them countless record-breaking achievements and awards over the years. They also have a consistent background in getting a top score result from several testing of their products, including the PVEL scorecards.

Company profile of Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar is the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer, has an annual production capacity of 15 Giga Watts. Their competition is not even close to what Jinko is already manufacturing right now. Jinko Solar was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2010, and its stock price is US$37 as of June 2021. They have a market cap of a whopping US$1.7 billion.

Jinko Solar has been in the Bloomberg Tier 1 Ranking and has been a top performer on the PVEL solar panel reliability scorecard since 2014. This shows the credibility of the company and its products.

Jinko Solar ranks number 1 on the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition annual scorecard with a perfect 100 out of 100. This scorecard rates companies based on their environmental sustainability, in which jinko has proved itself as the Most sustainable solar manufacturer in the world.

The Range of Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko Solar have a range of four types of solar panels in Australia named as Eagle, Cheetah, Swan and Tiger.

Eagle Series

The Eagle series is the entry-level range of solar panels offered by jinko. As they are entry-level solar panels, hence they are the most affordable ones too. These panels are tested under rigorous conditions, including a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius for 192 hours. This tells us that they are built to withstand the harsh weather conditions of Australia.

Cheetah Series

The Cheetah series is currently the most selling solar panels in the jinko lineup in Australia. They were first introduced in the year 2018, and since then, the demand for them has never decreased. They are sold in a range of sizes ranging from the standard 325W to the larger 410W. As Form bay tells us, the Cheetah panels were the top-selling solar panels in the Australian market in 2020. The model that sold the most was the JKM220M-60H. The Cheetah series is mainly regarded as the most value for money option in the market. Solar Installers continually advertise Jinko panels as the perfect combination of quality and affordability.

The Cheetah series comes with a 15-year product warranty and a 30-year performance warranty.

Swan Bifacial Series

The Swan Bififcail series are perfect for rooftop solar installation because they are built with five busbar solar cells, and it adopts jinko’s new technologies, which help in the significant improvement of the efficiency of the panels. The Swan Series also offers a better-looking design which will surely enhance the looks of your home with it installed.

The Swan series offers a 30-year linear power warranty with a 0.5% annual power degradation. It has a lightweight design which is an added factor to its easy installation.

Tiger Series

The recently released tiger series packs all the latest features that the company has developed from its significant research and development. These panels are the flagships of the Jinko solars lineup, and they come in a range of 360W to an impressive 470W. These panels feature cutting-edge technology like more giant former cells and a multi busbar with nine thin wire busbars. Jinko calls them the ‘Tiling Ribbon’ or TR in short. Tilling Ribbon is a technique adopted by jinko solar where they slightly overlap the cells over each other like the shingled cells, which results in the removal of the gap between each cell. This helps in the increase of overall cell coverage, which makes the panels efficient than ever. Jinko has developed this technique of Tiling Ribbon after rigorous testing of it in its labs, and it is a significant step towards 100% efficiency panels.

The unique pressing process that jinko involves in their manufacturing process of Tiger series solar panels has the added benefits like reduced costs and removing the need for soldering of the panels. All of this makes the panels more reliable, efficient and, most importantly, higher-performing.

A New Format of Solar Panels

Due to the new tilling ribbon technology adopted by jinko solar, they have managed to fit in another layer of solar cells which have changed the size of solar panels, unlike from the industry standards. The standard size of solar panels most prominent in the market is the 60 cell residential and 72 cells commercial panel. Still, due to jinko’s advanced technology, the size of tiger series solar panels is 66 cells for the residential and 78 cells for the commercial.

Why should you choose Jinko Solar Over its competitors?

Quality of Jinko Solar

The quality of the product is the only thing that can take you to the top of the game in business, especially in a field as competitive as renewable energy. So, it is safe to say that Jinko Solar ensures quality in each of its panels which is the reason behind their success. Another reason before the widespread of Jinko Solar is that they provide affordable tier 1 panel to its customers. Their priorities have always been clear, i.e. to provide quality while maintaining affordability.

They can make their panels so affordable compared to their alternatives by the mass production of them. Jinko Solar is the largest solar manufacturer globally, which makes the per panel production cost low of jinko solar low. That’s why they were able to appeal to a broader group of audience.

As Jinko saw a rise in the market, they recently stepped into producing premium panels for solar customers. These premium solar panels are incorporating cutting edge innovation, which is built by jinko due to intensive research and development of their products. This makes their solar module higher efficient than their competition. By Manufacturing premium solar panels, jinko now have enough range of products to cater to the needs of every kind of customer, be it residential, commercial, premium, affordable.


Reputation is the most important thing and the most fundamental one which a potential buyer must be concerned about. A solar manufacturer can be easily judged based on its reputation in the market, and this also reflects the quality of its products to the customers. Jinko solar, being an international supplier of solar products, has maintained an unmatched global reputation and a good name among the global market. This shows that how the company caters to its customers and the way they choose to do business. Its reputation is a significant selling point for many customers as solar panels are a very long term investment, and everybody wants to play safe.


As we talk about other aspects of Jinko, we can’t forget the company’s main selling point that is its affordability. Well, it is safe to say that jinko solar panels are the most value for money alternative available in the Australian market right now. The price for which they sell and the reliability, quality and trust they offer are unmatched by competitors. So if you are looking for a good bang for your buck, then Jinko must be the solution.

Customer Service

There is no point in buying solar panels from a manufacturer which can’t help you after you encounter a problem with them. The main factor in choosing a solar manufacturer should be the after-sales customer service support because it will be the one you will need the most as solar panels are a long term investment. Jinko Solar have an excellent network of customer service support staff which ensures that your request is handled in a timely fashion. Also, being a global manufacturer, it has its presence in Australia with its head office in Sydney and branches in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane, which make sure that you can get local service as quick as possible.


We must say this is a personal preference but according to a majority of solar customer’s jinko solar panels looks excellent at the price point they sell for. Jinko’s main selling point is quality, reliability and affordability, so even if you don’t like the way they look (which you won’t), then it is a good thing to compromise with seeing the company’s reputation and customer service as compared to its alternatives. If you want to have a value for money deal on your solar installation, then Jinko is the solar panel for you, but if you are looking for aesthetics, then you can look otherwise.

Built for Extreme weather conditions

The Jinko solar panels are built to withstand any weather condition you put them in. The company itself does rigorous testing of their products before sending them to you to ensure that they are the ones that will last you longer than you imagined. If you are concerned about these panels withstanding the harsh weather conditions of Australia, then you can rest assured they will. Jinko has tested these panels under extreme heat and cold for prolonged periods to ensure their quality and durability so you can use these on your rooftop without thinking about it breaking or creating problems. Even if it does mess you up in any scenario, you can be assured as the company offers a standard 15-year warranty which includes total replacement and repair of the product under any breakdown or failure.


Jinko solar has made its mark in the global market by becoming the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the world. It has achieved this for a reason, the company’s quality and affordability are the two significant factors for that. The solar panels produced by jinko caters to every kind of buyer you can think of, be it a person who is looking for entry-level solar panels from a trusted manufacturer or a customer who is looking for the best and feature-rich option in the market.

If you are still thinking about getting jinko solar panels or not, you should end your quest by buying one. Believe us; it will be worth every penny because they are the largest in the world for a reason.

We have given you a comprehensive review of jinko solar panels today, and if you still have some doubts, you can contact us, and we will solve them for you instantly.

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