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The continued electricity price rise is posing a threat to Australian businesses. How about installing commercial solar power systems? After all, it represents a solution that can reduce electricity costs immediately as well as significantly cuts the escalating business risk. Sun Pro Solar, a leading company providing renewable energy solutions aims at assisting you with the same.

Considering our commercial solar systems in Brisbane along with the other cities of Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales will benefit you with:

High Investment Return

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Instant Cost-Reduction

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Reduced Business Risk

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Reduced Carbon Emissions

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Shaded Roof & Cooling Effects

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We Assist Your Business to Shift Towards A Solar Energy Solution

Our solar consultants will first visit your commercial facility to assess your electricity consumption needs and usage. Here, we also take into consideration your current and future electricity tariffs as well as the suitability of your business for commercial solar power. Our team will be there to provide you with all the required information to make an informed decision about your solar investment, so you can have peace of mind that you are surely going to benefit with the outcome.

Simply follow this process and get ready to avail the benefits of commercial solar power systems in Brisbane, the whole of Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.

  • It starts by requesting a free, no-obligation consultation that we will carry out as per your convenience.
  • One of our solar power experts will conduct a site inspection of your business premises to determine the viability of installing a solar system
  • We will further provide you with a personalised and detailed solar proposal that will include the comprehensive details like the financial summary
  • Acknowledge the proposal and we’ll further handle the formalities required
  • Our CEC accredited team will carry out the installation while certifying your new commercial solar system
  • Start generating your own high-quality energy while saving a huge amount of money

Remember, your roof is the biggest asset and can be used dramatically to reduce your energy costs. So, if you are a commercial firm looking forward to some quality solution for power needs, you know you have our back.

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